Robert Richard Wright - .             Psychic Medium
As a Gifted Psychic Medium I can assist you to illuminate the information most crucial towards facilitating your Own Spiritual Growth!

Not only will I see the Future, but will also find out what has gone on in your past, and what is currently happening on your spiritual path today.

I also have been blessed to have the ability to make contact with people who have passed over.  When I connect to your lost loved ones, it brings peace, greater understanding, and closure.

When these factors are integrated, and combined, with sound spiritual advice, it will empower you to create your own tomorrow!!

I am available for Parties and Private One on One Consultations on Long Island & New York City.  If you are not local, or unable to see me in person, I do offer phone reading's also...

Please call (516) 409-1055
or Email me at

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